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Developing a Plan for the Future

Comprehensive Plan Update & Farmland Protection Plan


Find out more about the project, the intent, who's involved, and the process!


Learn about the individual plans that will be developed as part of this effort and what they entail.


Reference documents and draft document are found here.


A plan needs input to be successful.  Find out about what we're doing to get feedback from YOU!


As the planning process continues, we'll do our best at updating this page to inform you of what's coming up, what's going on, and where we are in the process! 

Check back here for updates.


We held our second public meeting on September 27, 2022 and had a great turnout!  Details on that are below (Old News).  If you'd like to check out some of the draft documents we talked about, including the draft vision, goals, and summary of the survey responses, check out the                            page for details!



Public meeting #2 was held the evening of September 27, 2022, again at the Colden Fire Hall.  We had a great turnout similar to the numbers we had at public meeting #1 back in December, with some familiar faces as well as some fresh faces!  This meeting was a "check in" with the community to let them know what we've been up to thus far as far as internal work and community engagement, what we've heard, how we synthesized that information into a vision for the future, core values/goals, and objectives.  All this will lead to and support actions items that will be developed for later sections of the plan.  Following our brief presentation, there engaging discussion in the breakout session in which we received some feedback on work done to date, additional details on some information shared in the survey, and gained a little bit of insight into future land use patterns and agricultural protection areas.  All in all, a successful meeting!  Thanks to all those that attended and for your interest in being part of the process for you'd like to see in your community!

Public meeting #1 (kickoff) was held December 1, 2021 at the Colden Fire Hall with great success!  Approximately 47 people attended (including couples) from across the Town, got some background on the project and took part in a breakout session to share ideas/issues/opportunities on the future of the community.  We thank all those who were able to make it out and invite them (and others!) to attend future meetings!

Following the December public meeting (above),  a community survey was created for residents to provide additional input/feedback.  The intent of the survey (available online and in hardcopy)  was to be sure we've captured as much input as we can, though we certainly received a lot of great ideas at the first public meeting.  Those who weren't able to attend the public meeting for whatever reason - health concerns, scheduling, childcare, weather, life in general, etc. - had an easy opportunity to do so from the comfort of their own home!  The survey was for both the Comprehensive Plan update and the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan - the latter included a specific mapping exercise to identify any agricultural activities/ventures in the Town in order to really fine tune the extent of farming in Colden.  The survey ran for approximately  4-6 weeks, ending in April. 

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